Project Frag

A Commitment to Pwnage

                                       Project Fragaphobia

Project Fragaphobia is a 8 day long event starting on Oct 24th ending on Oct 31st (Halloween) in which the Fragaphobia server will restart every day with a new game mode ultimately ending with Championship Deathmatch on Halloween. During the event player stats are cataloged and at the end of each event (Game mode) players with the number 1 spot receive special recognition.1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are selected for the Championship Deathmatch. Also the following day top 10 kills of each event are complied and uploaded via the official fragaphobia YouTube. At the end of the event top players will receive recognition at the end of the event in there respective categories and  are allowed entry into the Championship Deathmatch. The Ultimate Winner of the Championship Death Match Shall receive a prize.

 This Years Prize:TBA

The following is Scheduling, rules and requirements. 


The Scheduling is as Follows

24th - Slowmo Deathmatch

25th - Slowmo Team Deathmatch

26th - Control

27th - Capture The Flag

28th - Elimination

29th - Conquer All

30th - Team Deathmatch

31st - Deathmatch [Championship match]


Rules and regulations

All Participants wishing to make the top 10 Kill list are required to Record and submit there footage to the active judges via the forums. (Judges TBA)

Hacking and glitching will result in a immediate and permanent ban from the event and server.

If Players have already placed first, second, or third in one event and have placed first, second or third in another event they will still receive recognition and hold duel titles (Ex: Slowmo DM MVP & CTF MVP) however the player next along the list shall receive placement in the Championship match. This is to ensure the final match has 21 Players

In the event of a tie in the Championship Deathmatch the tieing players shall engage in a sudden death elimination Match. 1 round only.

Participants should register on the forums to ensure proper communication to officials.